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The Golden Mic Podcast – Ep. 004. George Andriopoulos: The Revolution of the Leadership Journey

Ep. 004. George Andriopoulos: The Revolution of the Leadership Journey

“My joy revolution is my responsibility towards leadership…Change is my muse.” – George Andriopoulos

Talk about a person who experienced explosive growth from his own launchpad.

George Andriopoulos is the award-winning founder and CEO of Launchpad Five One Six, a management consulting firm providing organizations with tools and resources to innovate and thrive. A creative disruptor and corporate turnaround artist, George inspires change for businesses and individuals stuck in the mindset of defining themselves by their mistakes. As a self-proclaimed, “Chief Inspiration Officer,” George’s mantra is to turn the weaknesses of who you thought you were into the strengths of who you want to become. He’s taken his unique journey and experience to the stage as a keynote, motivational, and two-time TEDx speaker delivering talks that spark inspiration and change. And all of this has naturally turned into him taking the reigns to be the TEDxFarmingdale executive producer and host of the Launchpad Podcast.

He also turned 40 the week that this podcast was recorded, which gave us the perfect time to reflect on:

  • The tradition of growing up in non-English speaking household and innovation
  • Hitting rock bottom
  • Ecstatic and stressful growth
  • Integrating shadow personas
  • The revolution led by holistic leaders
  • The balance phenomenon

And so much more…

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